PSFBE 2018

PSFBE 2018


The 2nd Philippine Symposium on Freshwater Biodiversity and Ecosystems took place for four days last December 2018. Targeted participants for this year’s Symposium are members of related professional organizations, science teachers, environmentalists, limnologists, professors, scientists and enthusiasts in the field as well as graduate and undergraduate students from different universities and colleges in the Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations. The PSFBE was also expected to have attracted representatives from government agencies, local government units, private sectors and civil society groups.


This 4-day Symposium gathered international and national experts from the fields of limnology, freshwater ecology, biodiversity and conservation biology. Like the 1st PSFBE, we envisioned this symposium to be a venue for the presentation of recent, relevant and updated results on studies focusing on the ecology and biodiversity of freshwaters in the Philippines and the rest of tropical Asia.

This event is in cooperation with the International Society of Limnology (SIL), specifically the Working Groups on Inland Waters of Tropical Asia. As such, there is an intended special session devoted to Asian tropical inland waters, providing opportunities for researchers in the region to interact and collaborate on future projects.

Expected outcomes

  • Establish a network of freshwater scientists, researchers, leaders and policy makers who will be able to work together to find creative solutions to the issues facing the freshwater ecosystems and their biodiversity in the Philippines and the rest of tropical Asia.
  • Provide an opportunity for researchers to present the results of their studies and possible solutions to issues facing the country to leading policy and decision makers, both in person and in resulting conference reports.
  • Encourage dialogue between local researchers in different fields including international researchers.
  • Increase general knowledge on freshwaters among participants and the general public.
  • Highlight connections between the Philippine freshwater ecosystems and the rest of Asia.


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